Learners and Makers Program

A learner and makers program that enables K-12 students to turn thoughts to things through seven basic skills. The program will prepare the students to optimize benefits of Startup Internship Program post high school


  • The program is designed to prepare K-12 students to master skills needed to become an effective participant of Startup Internship Program. It's a R&D based program that help post high school students explore social innovation and entrepreneurship as a preferred career path and learn how to use technology to solve world’s biggest problems rather than competing with the automation in the job market.

  • It’s based on the sharing economy principle where members co-create and share value equitably.

  • It offers R&D based learning to design and develop products. The skills students learn crosscut the domains of expertise students need to master post high school to build a future proof career path. Startup Internship Program for post high school students is designed specifically for that purpose.

  • Startup Tribe runs the program in collaboration with local schools.


  • Students get exposure to product designing skills.

  • Students get Value Addition Certificate for every project building block you deliver to build up your skills.

  • Students who delivers product designs share 20% equity shares in commercial value of the product design they co-create.

  • Teachers who run the program get 20% equity shares in the products their students co-design.

  • Terms & conditions apply.

Skill Building

Students will be learning the following enablers (that crosscut all domains of industrial skills)

  1. Illustrations

  2. Controls

  3. Work Environments

  4. Recipes

  5. Teams

  6. Systems

  7. Inputs

Modus Operandi

  • Schools sign up with Startup Tribe to run the program at their schools

  • Schools encourages students to join the program against a fee.

  • School allocates teachers to run the program workshops

  • We recommend a two-hour workshop a day during school days and up to 4 workshops during summer camp.

  • Teachers sign up with Startup Tribe at $10 a week (that's $2 / Workshop)

  • Startup Tribe provides workflows and domain experts to guide the teachers and review the students R&D output.

  • Startup Tribe showcase the product designed in their ecosystem for mass production and sale.

  • Startup Tribe ensures equitable sharing of the value created among the ecosystem players and the co-creators.


  • 13 to 18 YO K12 students

  • Keen to become champions of personal mastery

  • Basic skills to research, rank and resource to render given objectives

  • Have a laptop and a high speed internet.

  • The school should have space and preferably a DIY lab to run the program.

  • The schools should be able to allocate teachers to run the program workshops

  • Terms & conditions apply.


  • The program subscription fee is US$10 per week per teacher who will be running the program in the school.

  • There is also a one time interview cost of US$10 for every time a new teacher is assigned to the program.

  • It's the school who decides the program fee the participating students pay and compensation the teachers who run the program get.


Q. Is the fee refundable?

A. Yes, the first term fee is refundable for the 1st week if the program is not meeting the expectation. From 2nd week on-wards the fee is not refundable.

Q. How to pay the fee?

A. Payments can only be made through one of the payment methods available on this website.