Startup Internship Program

An R&D based industrial training program designed for post high school graduates to help them build a future proof career path in a 1 to 4 year period.


  • The program is designed to prepare members to explore social innovation and entrepreneurship as a preferred career path and learn how to use technology to solve world’s biggest problems rather than competing with the automation in the job market.

  • It’s based on the sharing economy principle where members co-create and share value equitably.

  • It offers the R&D based learning for the in-demand industrial skills.

  • Here the co-creators earn credits for the work done, which are convertible in cash or stocks depending on what projects offer.

  • Startup Tribe runs the program, manages risks of failure through a robust governance and controls framework.


  • Get exposure to projects from the industry and UN SDGs 2030

  • Get an internship certificate for the number of terms you complete as per your university requirements.

  • Get Value Addition Certificate for every project building block you deliver to build up your skills.

  • Every Value Addition Certificate comes with Equity Credits.

  • Convert the Equity Credits earned into cash stipend or equity stocks depending on options offered by relevant projects.

  • Apply for a domain expert role as a career path upon completing 10 terms in our Co-creators R&D Program

  • Use flexi timing with agreed work schedule.

  • Work from a nearby workspace or university library and save commuting time.

  • Terms & conditions apply.

Skills Building

The program offers opportunities to build up in-demand industrial skills based on research and development methodology. The competency framework includes the whole range of skills from startup to scale up an enterprise including skills to co-create users communities, solutions or products and enterprise ecosystems.


1. Community building – learn leadership, sharing economy and ideation process.

2. Mission control – learn decision making, planning & controls and delivering promises.

3. Marketing – learn digital marketing strategies and tools, multimedia contents creation and connecting with target audience.

4. Solution building – learn co-creating products and systems using R&D based techniques, modern technologies and tools.

5. Value delivery – learn and automate order to cash process steps

6. Sourcing and resourcing – learn win win negotiation and ecosystem building skills.

7. Operation controls that involves delivering operational plans, managing risks and stakeholders.


  1. Can I add my own skills to the above list?

    • You can always send proposals the PMO team to add a new skill set.

  2. I cannot find skills relevant to my academic majors?

    • The most skills you are looking are a subset of one of the above competency framework categories. Please bear in mind that the skill set we help students build up is based on what is in-demand in industry to startup and scale up enterprises. It's not based on academia and therefore there is a possibility that a skill you need to build to meet your academic requirements is missing. You can always write to the PMO team to look into it.

  3. What's the "R&D based learning methodology"?

    • It require (1) discovering and (2) delivering the best way and tools to accomplish a task. We use market competitors as a benchmark to assess if the quality of skills learned is up to the mark.

Modus Operandi

  • The program has 990 workshops of two hour each to graduate as a domain expert.

  • The 990 workshops are divided in 10 terms of 99 workshops each.

  • Enrolment process requires you to create a profile, pay processing fee and make a video presentation on a given topic, attend an interview.

  • Once enrolment is one, you can browse through the work posted by different projects and apply for those that interest you.


  • High school graduates for SIP

  • Champions of personal mastery

  • Excellent skills to research, rank and resource to render given objectives

  • Must have a laptop and a high speed internet.

  • Must have access to a workspace like a nearby university or neighborhood public library or co-working space as work-from-home is not counted.

  • For internship certificate, complete prescribed hours of work

  • Must finish 990 workshops of the program to apply for Domain Expert roles

  • Terms & conditions apply.


  • The program subscription fee is billed weekly @ US$2 [+tax if and when applicable] / workshop of two hour each x number of workshops subscribed. One can subscribe from 5 to 20 workshops a week and complete the program [990 workshops] within 1 to 4 years accordingly.

  • In addition, there is one time application processing cost of US$10 [+tax if and when applicable].


  1. Is the fee refundable?

    • Yes, the first term fee is refundable for the first week if the program is not meeting the expectation. From 2nd week on-wards the fee is not refundable.

  2. How to pay the fee?

    • Payments can only be made through one of the payment methods available on this website.

  3. Why is there a fee for internship?

    • The fee is to recover cost we have to incur to make teams and run the program. Not all of the hours students work are chargeable to projects as we have to help students learn the required skills to a certain level before assigning them to projects. There are many valuable takeaways for students including stipends projects pay them for their work done and that alone is usually higher than the fee students pay for the program - at the end of the day, it's a positive sum game for them.