Community, Solution and Ecosystem Co-creators

Man vs Machine

Let's co-create a better world:

  1. Startup Tribe is a local startup foundry to produce social enterprises. It runs programs to co-create communities, solutions and ecosystems based on sharing economy principles in collaboration with Better World Makers Network.

  2. Better World Makers Network is a Singapore based Global network of social innovators and entrepreneurs. They co-create communities, solutions and ecosystems to make the world a better and inclusive place. Their project portfolio is based on worlds biggest problems including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, industrial challenges and consumer value optimization. They have developed programs for co-creators to work on the projects. The local Startup Tribes run those programs in their respective countries.

  3. The relationship of the Tribe with the Network is based on the shared vision, mission and values that both parties believe in and follow as part of their decision making process.

  4. In addition to a Co-creators R&D Program for industry Domain Experts, the network has designed an online Startup Internship Program for post high school students. Learners and Makers Program is for for K-12 students in order to include them not only in some do-something-good projects at an early age but also help them build a future proof career path through exposure to social innovation and entrepreneurship. Values & Habits Building Program is meant for schools students and their parents, which provides a solid foundation to kickstart ventures as co-creators as they grow up.

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Project Portfolio

Global and Corporate Challenges

Propose Projects

Propose startup ideas or corporate challenges for R&D or Outsourcing



The term "Social" refers to users communities the members of the network serve.


"Innovators" co-create solutions.


"Entrepreneurs" co-create ecosystems


"Solutions" means products and services the members of the network co-create in response to needs or opportunities.


The Programs work on the "co-create-and-co-share-value" principle. Let's say the project is about publishing a research paper or a book, our modus operandi for co-creation will be as follows:

  • Our PMO office hires co-authors - domain experts and research students - against equity credit convertible to cash or equity shares of the project.

  • The domain experts breakdown the given topics into chapters [or building blocks], give them to the research students with a step by step research plan to follow and timeline to complete it.

  • The work done is then reviewed and approved by the relevant domain experts.

  • The PMO team facilitates co-ordination, makes follow-ups for delivery and settlement of co-creators accounts.

  • Revenue earned out of publication of the research papers or books is shared among the co-authors and other co-creators in the team equitably.

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Ecosystem means a value chain of co-creators and contributors who join hands based on fair trade agreements to play a role creating and delivering value to user communities on a sustainable basis.

Fair Trade

"Fair Trade" refers to a value for value exchange. "Value" is determined based on fair market price.

SDGs 2030

SDGs 2030 are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals the members countries of the united nation have approved as the global agenda for 2030. Check this link to learn more.