Zero Waste

A circular economy system to eliminate, control and solve the waste problem


Co-create local communities

The above project requires a R&D based solution that can work for local communities. We need the following:

  • details of local stakeholders

  • social media links to connect with target communities or groups

    • LinkedIn Group

    • Telegram

    • Facebook



  • Eliminate the root causes:

    • Explore alternative ways of working to eliminate the need to use products that produce waste or carbon emission.

  • Control the damage:

    • Count items going in the waste in a given town and work with local user communities to explore ways to reduce the consumption of those items.

    • Search for greener products made of green(er) and recycled material and roll them out in local consumer communities.

  • Solve the problem:

    • Co-create products and services out of green(er) and recycled material even if the green premium can’t be totally eliminated

The Social Impact statement

  • Zero Waste By 2030 is going to help deliver United Nations: Goal 11: Sustainable cities and Communities; GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; and GOAL 13: Climate Action.

The solution should be able to:

  • Eliminate

    • Find and disrupt root causes

  • Control

    • Detect

    • Alert

    • Monitor

    • Mitigate

  • Solve

    • Solve

    • Sell

    • Simplify

    • Standardize

    • Automate

    • Outsource


Cost and Time Estimates

We need cost and time estimates for the following to co-create an ecosystem to rollout of proposed solutions worldwide on a sustainable basis:

The ecosystem

  • Mission Control

    • Scope

    • Time

    • Cost

  • Users Community

    • a community of paying users

  • Sourcing

    • EoIs

    • RFIs

    • RFPs

    • RFQs

  • Value Creation

    • Plan

    • Produce

    • Quality Appraisal

  • Value Delivery

    • e-com platforms

    • other channels

  • Marketing

    • Affiliate Marketing Service

    • Other marketing strategies

  • Operations Controls

    • Operation Plan - for all stakeholders

    • Governance & Controls

    • Remedial Actions

      • a mechanism to close remedial actions

    • Projected Cash Flow

      • validated assumptions

    • Stakeholder Mgt

      • Customers

      • Regulators

      • Investors

      • Suppliers

      • Employees

      • Community