Ever wondered what's the best way of learning new skills and languages?

LAMP - the learners and makers program - is an R&D based learning program that enables students to learn skills needed to turn thoughts into things and build a future proof career path.  

Is it R&D based learning?  

R&D (research and development) based learning is a type of learning that involves actively researching and discovering new information and ideas, rather than just passively receiving information from a teacher or textbook. This type of learning can be more effective than other methods because it encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and allows the learner to make connections and draw conclusions based on their own interests and curiosities. However, it can also be more time-consuming and may require more self-direction and motivation.

There are many different methods of learning, and the most effective approach will depend on the individual learner, the subject matter, and the goals of the learning. Some other common methods of learning include:

It is generally thought that a combination of different learning methods can be most effective, as each approach has its own strengths and can be useful in different situations.



Target Comptencies 

Students will be learning the following enabler competencies (that crosscut all domains of industrial skills):


Mission Controls


Process Design

Venture Building

Tools & Systems





Q. Is the fee refundable? 

A. Yes, the first term fee is refundable for the 1st week if the program is not meeting the expectation. From 2nd week on-wards the fee is not refundable.

Q. How to pay the fee?

A. Payments can only be made through one of the payment methods available on this website.

LAMP for Schools