Co-creators R&D Program

A program designed to co-create a better world


Program Features



Anyone who meets at the following requirements can apply for a domain experts role:


Domain Expert Professional Fee

Domain Experts are responsible for quality, cost and timeline of plans and works done by R&D Associates and get 50% of their teams’ billing to projects.

Let's say a domain expert reviews and approves plans and works delivered by a team of 8 full time university interns who work 40 hour a week that's 160 hour a month x 8 team interns = 1280 man-hours of work billed at $10 per hour to a project and that would  be 1280 x 10 = $12800 billed amount; After taking out 20% for PMO Team overhead recovery, 50% of the balance 80%, that's $5,120, would go to the domain expert and the other half goes to the 8 interns in the domain experts team.  

Please note standard terms of 90 days credit secured by convertible project stock options at nominal value on the due date apply to all work posts from projects unless a different payment term such as cash on delivery are specifically given in a work post. 

The convertible stock options against the credit provide co-creators with an opportunity to become co-founders in the startup projects they work for and that would lead to potential capital gains and dividend income over and above the professional fee. However, the opportunity comes with a risk of a loss and therefore domain experts should use their own judgement before accepting the offered terms.

Advisory Board Members Fee 

A Pro Bono Advisory Role as a Member of the Board of Directors at Better World Makers Network Pte Ltd, Singapore or at one of its member local companies - Startup Tribes - is offered only to those who are visionary leaders, passionate about advocating the Company’s vision & mission and keen to scale up the social impact worldwide.

In order for the Domain Expert to use the role title of a “Consulting Director '', the Domain Expert must be a member of the Board of Directors of the Company. The members of the board of directors are entitled to a directors fee for every board meeting they attend.

Terms and Conditions:

The bases for compensation provided above and the charge-out rates used are indicative and just to explain what the Domain Expert should expect with reasonable certainty. Each building block or assignment published for domain experts to apply for comes with its own terms and conditions which are final and overriding. 

Modus Operandi

Projects from startups and corporations are broken down into building blocks by domains of expertise and posted on Job Board as RFI/RFP/RFQ etc at Better World Makers Network's website as for domain experts to apply.

Once domain experts are allocated to building blocks, R&D Associates are added to a building block delivery team and that is supported by PMO and FN teams to deliver the building block. 

Work is done in scheduled online workshops run by PMO team. 

Any member of the Network including domain experts and R&D Associates can startup their own projects by following the given process.