Values & Habits Building Program

A program to build enabler values & habits essential to become co-creators for young students and their parents


In order to help students build future proof career paths while solving worlds biggest problems, Better World Makers Network has designed co-creators programs to mass produce communities, solutions and enterprise ecosystems. One day the young kids will be joining those programs to join hands with the other members of the network to co-create a better world. The co-creators enabler values and habits provide a foundation stone for students to become effective members of the programs when they grow up. This program is designed to achieve this goal.

The Values and Habits

The values and habits that program help students build are those identified by Better World Makers Network as essential enablers for become co-creators and to make effective teams. Given below is the list of the values and habits included in the program:


1. Freedom and fairness

      • Truth

      • Logic

      • Free and fair trade

2. Excellence

      • Empathy

      • Optimism

      • Resilience

      • Elegance

      • Gratefulness

      • Optimize Value

      • Innovation

      • Diversity


Create an image first! - an image of success that:

  1. is made with a God conscious mind - i.e., aims to create solutions - and aligned with the laws of nature, cause and effect, and science. In other words, it is ethical and logical.

  2. contributes to the innovation process and makes the world a better place to live, i.e., raises the bar and exceeds what already exists.

  3. is feasible commercially, technically, operationally and legally.

  4. is socially focused and aligned with the principle of sustainable development, where prevails the benefit of the many over the few and long term happiness over short term pleasures, where needs of one group of people are not provided at the cost of needs of others or future generations, where people and planet come before profit.

Strive hard!

  1. Champion personal mastery.

  2. Deliver your promise, commitment and accountability by proactively handling risks and opportunities.

  3. Be optimistic and confident about your success.

  4. Be agile by optimizing and prioritizing your time.

  5. Excel in everything you do - get it right the first time, every time.

  6. Learn from knock-backs and do not accept failures.

Learn the game!

  1. Learn the right know-how, best processes and practices to be on top of what’s new.

  2. Continue research and development to keep ahead of the game all the time.

Team up!

  1. Honesty and integrity - is one of the most essential elements to interact with others. Integrity also requires you to walk the talk.

  2. transparency - Disclose and manage conflicts of interest, ensure true and fair presentation.

  3. respect for others - deliver rights and obligations fairly and expect the same from others.

  4. Teamwork - play your role with excellence and help others to achieve their potential.

  5. Compete fairly and support free enterprise - level playing field and open market competition.

  6. Synergize - join hands on a win-win basis to create new opportunities and eliminate duplicate/sub-optimal activities and to share and learn best practices with others.

  7. Value sharing - create and share value rather than unfairly benefiting out of what already exists and belongs to others.

  8. Diversity and inclusiveness - include more and more diverse people and value the difference they bring with them - the more diverse we are in terms of race, skin, language, gender, region, culture, abilities, status, networks, etc., the stronger we will be as a team.

  9. Open and direct communication with all those who are relevant and need to know.

  10. Respect privacy where expected, needed, promised or required by law.

  11. Perceive good about others when they fall short of your expectations by generously giving them all benefits of doubts. If circumstances suggest otherwise, challenge and validate any assumptions before making your views.

Play smart!

  1. Maximize use of modern technology, tools, systems and skills.

Lose today to win tomorrow!

  1. Optimize use of resources i.e. your time and money - keep your needs free from waste and any unnecessary spending leading to a swaggering behavior.

  2. Instead, invest the resources saved, being surplus to your needs, in value creating activities for a possibly bigger and longer term return in the future.

Follow the rules of the game!

  1. Proactively manage the risks and threats affecting our ability to comply with laws of land, obligations e.g. contracts, commitments, policies, principles, cultural values and expectations incl. health safety security and environment on a sustainable basis.


Modus Operandi

Startup Tribe domain experts develop hypothetical scenarios from real life challenges followed by quizzes that are given to students to solve through group discussions and consultations with their parents based on reason and logic. Teachers facilities the discussions and reviews the answers arrived.

Self assessment surveys are run to measure progress, identify and close gaps.


Schools sign up with us and allocate teachers to run the program

6 to 13 YO students and their parents

Students must have a laptop / tablet / Smart Phone to access the program online.


It's a free of cost program. We do not charge schools or students any fee for this program